Family Offices

  • RISING OPERATING COSTS & EXPERTISE: What are the cost-benefits of In-sourcing vs Out-sourcing for resources
  • APPROACHING ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS: How do you create a process to assess GP vs LP vs Fund investments within the Opportunity Zone space?
  • FIDUCIARY VS SERVICE PROVIDER: How can you ensure appropriate Real Estate oversight for the Family’s assets?
  • PORTFOLIO ASSESSMENT: When was the last time an asset class allocation assessment was performed? (Buy, Sell, Hold)
  • FORECASTING: Is there an acquisition plan for the next 5, 15 and 30 years that incorporates both changing dynamics in each Industry’s space and future Industry evolutions (Cannabis, AI, ECommerce, Geo-Political Risks, etc.)
  • National and Global Real Estate Dashboard
  • Emerging Trend Updates
  • Annual Portfolio “Gut-Check”
  • Asset-by-Asset Operational Diagnostic Assessment