Technology & Data

Develop migration and business continuity plans involving data centers, colocation and third-party (cloud) hosting facilities by formulating a holistic design plan and approach for any enterprise.


  • Assess Current Situation and Facilities
  • Hybrid Strategy Formulation (Client Managed, Cloud)
  • Network Performance Optimization
  • Operation Cost vs. Risk vs. Benefit
  • Assessment
  • Uptime Reliability
  • Growth/Demand Projections vs. Capacity (Power, Cooling, Space)
  • Local Proximity and Continuity of Operations (DR) Synergies
  • Greenfield vs. Lease vs. Joint Venture

Utilizing CRRE’s TechTRAK Software Platform, we can manage IT, Data, Colocation, and other connectivity contracts: 

CCRE’s TechTRAK – key features:

  • Abstract all existing IT contracts to map the current costs of your company’s IT physical infrastructure 
  • Benchmark those costs one contract at a time to current market conditions on an ongoing basis
  • Provide ongoing due diligence about new products and services in the marketplace and their suppliers  
  • Professional management and monitoring of key contract dates for options, renewals, ramps, and give-backs or cancellations
  • Project management and change implementation from budgetary planning to project completion
  • Strategic advice and new contract procurement guidance based on market data-driven sets

Added Value Proposition:

  • Provides centralized tracking of KPIs and dates
  • Provides centralized management and strategy answerable to C-Suite and The Board
  • Eliminates Redundancies in expenses from organizational misalignment
  • Central Repository: As personnel come and go, documents get lost, institutional memory fades, strategic details are lost in attrition
  • Holistic View: The longer decentralization goes on, the harder it is to break down the component parts and reassemble a more efficient system.

Types of contracts CRRE TechTRAK monitors:

  • Hyperscale Data Center Leases
  • Enterprise Powered Shell Data Center Leases
  • Turnkey (“Wholesale”) Data Center Leases
  • Colocation Data Center Master Service Agreements and Service Orders
  • Network Services Contracts: Voice and Data (Direct from Carriers)
  • Core Network Leases and Indefeasible Rights of Use Contracts
  • Managed Network Contracts (White Labeled from Service Providers)
  • SD-WAN Contracts
  • UCaaS Contracts
  • CCaaS Contracts and Customer Experience Contracts
  • IT Managed Services Contracts
  • Private Cloud Services Contracts
  • Public Cloud Services Contracts
  • Hybrid Cloud Services Contracts
  • License Management Contracts
  • Physical Security as a Service Contracts
  • Leased Physical Assets Contracts
  • Disaster Recovery (IT and Seats) Contracts and Planning
  • Wireless Contracts (Mobile Devices and DAS)
  • Saas Service Contracts
  • IaaS Service Contracts
  • PaaS Service Contracts
  • Right of Way and Building Access Agreements
  • Ground Leases
  • Tower Leases
  • Rooftop Rights Contracts
  • Power Purchase Agreement Contracts
  • Specialty Contracts Clients Request Us to Monitor


Ways IT Services are Traditionally Purchased and Managed:

  • Sold by in-house supplier representatives to corporate project team members (“Go Get 3 Quotes from Reputable Suppliers and we’ll select one.”)
  • Sold by third-party agents of suppliers to corporate project managers (Master-agent/ Subagent model – more effective than in-house sourcing, but very open to steering through higher percentage commissions, SPIFS, and bonuses)
  • Sold by consultants who sell other things to your personnel (You get “advice” from consultants expert in 1 or several things, without layering in other professionals to get the right ones)
CRRE’s Approach: 

  • We become both the manager and the market-maker for each contract, on each project
  • Transition from “procurementization” of IT purchasing to a managed advisory model
  • Provide truly objective and analytical advice to the client 
  • Enhance communication and transparency throughout the organization by adding clarity to the decentralization problem


As technology continues to proliferate throughout commercial real estate, identify where and how can it address current shortfalls or enhance current processes in your organization or strategic planning.


  • Lease Administration/Analysis and Optimization
  • Human Resource Analysis (Behavioral Data & Workspace Design)
  • Procurement and Work Order
  • Project Management
  • Enable Mobile Productivity (Reduce Need for Fixed Square Footage/Person)

Landlord/Property Manager/Investor:

  • BMS, Smart Sensors and AI (Improving Building Management Efficiencies)
  • Lease Administration
  • Screen Tenants
  • Payment Acceptance
  • Tenant Communication
  • Property Marketing and Leasing
  • Financial Reporting/Investor Communications
  • Big Data: Leveraging Consumer Data (Patterns in Behaviors)
  • Drones: Marketing, Property Assessments, Area Overviews