Medical & Healthcare

  • Optimization of Payer Mix/Profitability: Who are vs Who should be your optimal patient mix?
  • Industry Reform: Do you have a process in place for integrated business planning?
  • Agility & Responsiveness: Are management processes agile enough to react when/where needed?
  • Alignment of Capital & Goals: Is there alignment of the two, if not how can that be corrected?
  • Forecasting: How to plan for the next 3 – 10 years given today’s trending patterns and predictors.
  • Utilization of Predictive and Inferential Algorithms
  • Leverage Opportunity Zones to Find New Locations
  • Merge Payer Mix Goals with Future Facility and Specialization Planning
  • Create a 5, 10 and 15 Year Plans that encompass Pain Points 1 – 5