Private Equity

  • Addressing both the Financial Sponsor’s Needs as well as that of the Portfolio Companies
  • Matching Strategic Initiatives of a Portfolio Company with the target Disposition Timeline
  • Customized Metric and KPI Analysis from each Stakeholder’s Individual Perspective
  • FASB 842 Compliance

For the Financial Sponsor:

  • C-Suite Holistic Dashboard of Portfolio Companies Footprints
  • Customized Metric-Driven Analytics and KPIs
  • Peer Group Benchmarking
  • Strategic Occupancy Cost/Right-Sizing Planning Tools
  • Asset Monetization Scenarios
  • Exit Value Enhancement Planning

For the Portfolio Company:

  • Lease Abstraction
  • Critical Date Tracking
  • On-Going Cost Monitoring and Auditing
  • Lease Expiration Reports
  • Single Repository for All Documents
  • Integration in Accounts Payable and Receivable Platforms
  • Workplace Optimization (Density and Utilization)
  • Transaction and Project Management
  • Automated Notification Warnings and Updates
  • FASB 842 Compliance and Reporting