Outsourced Managed Services


We understand clarity and visibility of business environments comes in and out of focus depending upon the economic zeitgeist. Thus, there are always times that outsourcing does and can make prudent financial sense. Our consultancy can assist as an outsourced partner with the associated burdens of managing a real estate and technology portfolio. In addition to traditionally providing strategic operations advice to clients, we also provide specific outsourced solutions for our clients.

Evolving Needs & Solutions


Day-to-Day Real Estate Portfolio Management


Migration Planning, Strategy Formulation & Execution

Reassess all Lease & Contract Terms to Coincide with Corporate Objectives


Corporate Liability Assessment & Control


Financial Modeling of “What-If” Scenarios for Transformation

Benchmark the Competition and Monitor Industry Operating Trends

Information Technology Assessment

Assess Space Needs Today vs. Tomorrow

Financial Engineering: Asset Monetization and Ongoing Valuation Studies

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